• Tyska MJ, Mooseker MS. MYO1A (brush border myosin I) dynamics in the brush border of LLC-PK1-CL4 cells. Biophysical journal. 2002 Apr;82(4). 1869-83. PMID: 11916846 [PubMed]. PMCID: PMC1301984.


The kidney epithelial cell line, LLC-PK1-CL4 (CL4), forms a well ordered brush border (BB) on its apical surface. CL4 cells were used to examine the dynamics of MYO1A (M1A; formerly BB myosin I) within the BB using GFP-tagged MIA (GFP-M1A), MIA motor domain (GFP-MDIQ), and tail domain (GFP-Tail). GFP-beta-actin (GFP-Actin) was used to assess actin dynamics within the BB. GFP-M1A, GFP-Tail, but not GFP-MDIQ localized to the BB, indicating that the tail is sufficient for apical targeting of M1A. GFP-Actin targeted to all the actin domains of the cell including the BB. Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching analysis revealed that GFP-M1A and GFP-Tail turnover in the BB is rapid, approximately 80% complete in