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The mission of the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education is to administer an educational program towards the MD degree that:

  • Provides students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits they will need to practice safe, effective, ethical, evidence-based and patient-centered medicine in the 21st century
  • Integrates the basic science and scholarly foundations of medicine with clinical sciences
  • Is informed by, and contributes to, an evolving understanding of learning science

The program is:

  • Grounded in the principle that the health of populations can and should be related to the education of health professionals
  • Aligned with Vanderbilt’s mission to produce leaders and scholars in medicine. In addition to a core foundation for the entire spectrum of specialties and careers, including clinical medicine in academic, community, or international settings, students have opportunities to explore clinical and basic science investigation, health services research, health policy, medical education or administration, or any combination of the above
  • Learner-centered material is presented in a logical, integrated sequence, using teaching methods that are appropriate for specified learning objectives, with expectations that are appropriate for the learner’s stage in development as a physician

The Office of Undergraduate Medical Education embraces the principle that the best curriculum is one that mirrors the values of the medical profession. Our educational leadership constantly strives for excellence, responds to and incorporates changes in medical knowledge and practice, treats all members of the learning community with respect, and seeks best evidence to inform curricular design and implementation.

The Office is also dedicated to the principles of continuous quality improvement and students have an active voice in the curricular review process. Courses are reviewed at the year-team level and by the Undergraduate Medical Education Committee. Multiple venues exist to foster communication among course directors, within a given year and across years, to ensure a cohesive and purposeful curriculum.