Class of 2017 C 2.0 Requirements

C2.0 Requirements (in Months)

Ongoing Longitudinal Courses

4 Integrated Science Courses (ISCs) — on campus

Foundations of Health Care Delivery (11 units)

1 Acting Internship — on campus

Learning Communities (8 units)

4 Advanced Clinical Experiences (ACEs) — on campus


3 Research Immersion


3 Competency and Interest-driven Rotations (can be ISCs, ACEs, Away ACEs, AIs or Advanced Electives)

  • away with approval
  • one must be clinical
Overall Requirements

15 months required over 20 month Phase, which starts in September after July and August for Boards study

4 flex months (for interviewing, vacations, etc.) + 1 in December of Y4 for interviews

May register for up to 19 rotations

Must include:

  • 1 Primary Care course (ACE: PC (VU or away), ACE: Adolescent Medicine or ISC: Community Healthcare)

  • 1 Acute Care course (ACE: Emergency Medicine or any ICU-based course, including ISC: Critical Care or critical care ACEs)


Impact of Increasing Research Months

3 months of research: Complete 15 course requirements

To extend research beyond 3 months:
Student must be in good academic standing and complete an approval process

4 months: Students utilize one flex month

5 months: Students utilize one flex month and may choose to utilize an additional flex month or waive one competency/interest-driven rotation

6 months: Students utilize one flex month and may choose to utilize additional flex months or waive one competency/interest-driven rotation​ (max of 2 competency/interest-driven rotations can be waived; must still complete required 10 clinical months)


Immersion Phase Conceptual Framework




Academic Year Calendar