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Integrated Science Courses

20160422_ISC webpage.jpgThe Integrated Science Courses (ISCs) are designed to reinforce the foundational sciences that underpin clinical medicine. The focus of foundational science learning is on conceptual models and theoretical foundations rather than factoids. "Foundational science" includes traditional pre-clinical sciences as well as social and behavioral sciences, health services and population science, quantitative methods and informatics.

Past ISC syllabi can be found here

Students will engage in meaningful clinical experiences that are related to the foundational science topics and allow for workplace learning.  The clinical experiences are not purely observational but rather include active student involvement in patient care and assigned clinical tasks.

The courses strive to provide the students with progressive autonomy and flexibility in their learning

Because these courses are graded, they have well-defined learning objectives, clear expectations understood by the students and team members, and assessment based on competency milestones.

Upon completion of an Integrated Science Course, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a deeper understanding of the foundational sciences involved with the clinical topics of the course
  • Integrate foundational science knowledge into clinical scenarios through the exploration of patient evaluation (symptoms, diagnostic studies, and underlying pathophysiology) and management plan development

Assessment in Integrated Science Courses:

The final grade in the Immersion Phase ISCs will be assigned as honors/high pass/pass/fail (H/HP/P/F). Grades will address performance in six separate, but equally important, competency domains: Medical Knowledge, Patient Care, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Practice-Based Learning and Improvement, Systems-Based Practice, and Professionalism. Grading of performance within each competency domain can be informed by a variety of assessment methods that will include milestone-based assessment and quantitative scores. For the ISCs, the Medical Knowledge domain is the primary focus of the course. The course director may add additional milestones or criteria targeting specific course goals and clinical setting.

ISCs offered:

Vanderbilt students, residents and faculty can find out more, including syllabi, on the Vanderbilt-only ISC site.