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Posted by on Monday, October 5, 2020 in Fall 2020, Losses, Vanderbilt Community .

John F. Cooper, FE’88, died March 4. He was 61. Dr. Cooper is survived by his wife, Carol Challas; children Rebecca Tharp, Daniel Gimm, Rachel Heyne, Tom Gimm, Daniel Cooper, Jack Gimm, and Benjamin Cooper.

A. Willard Emch, MD, HO ‘63, HS ‘67, died June 26. He was 83 year. Dr. Emch is survived by his wife, Ve, his two sons, A.W. and Doug, their wives, and his four grandchildren, as well as his stepson, Max, and his wife.

Rufus J. Garrison Sr., BS’48, MD’52, HS’52, died Feb. 14. He was 91. Dr. Garrison is survived by wife, Kathryn “Kay” Ann; children R. James Garrison Jr., David B. Garrison and Karen Goff Thomas; four grandchildren and one great-grandson.

Thomas P. Graham, Jr., MD, Emer Fac-Med, died March 18. He was 83. Dr. Graham was a renowned Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt cardiologist who founded and led the Division of Pediatric Cardiology at Vanderbilt for 33 years. During his long and distinguished career, he served as interim chair of Vanderbilt’s Department of Pediatrics, vice chair for Clinical Affairs in the department, and chair of the Medical Center Medical Board. Dr. Graham is survived by his wife Carol Ann; children Bethany Graham Sleckman, Thomas Brent Graham, Brooke Graham Doyle; eight grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews.

Newton B. Griffin, BA’54, MD’57, HS’57’60, former faculty, died May 23. He 88. Dr. Griffin is survived by his wife, Betty, his sister-in-law, his brother-in-law, and eight nieces and nephews.

David A. Grimes, HS’52, died June 15. He was 93. Dr. Grimes is survived by his wife, Betty Mosby; four daughters, Julie Grimes Dolci, Elizabeth Grimes Triggs, Marie Grimes Gerrity, and Anna Bauer Grimes; three sons-in-law, 11 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Neal H. Goldberg, MD’79, died Feb. 10. He was 67. Dr. Goldberg is survived by his wife, Barbara; children Lauren Goldberg, Leslie Goldberg, and Benjamin Goldberg; and one grandson.

Royce E. Joyner, MD’79, died on Jan. 14. He was 68. Dr. Joyner is survived by his wife, Sirella Y. Parker, and his son, Royce Etienne Parker Joyner.

John W. Kendall Jr., HS’56,’59, FE ‘59, died Dec. 11, 2019. He was 90. Dr. Kendall is survived by his wife; three children and their spouses; seven grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Jason S. Lane, MD, MPH, HS’07, Med Fac, died on Jan. 31. He was 45. Dr. Lane is survived by his wife, Laurie Gavilo-Lane; and children Connor Harrison Lane and Drew Marie Lane.

John W. Lane, MD, HS’72, died April 23. He was 75. Dr. Lane is survived by his wife, Virginia; their three children, Brian David Lane, Julie Lane Herrick, and Andrew William Lane; and seven grandchildren.

William R. Long, BA ‘69, HS ‘73, died June 21. He was 73. Dr. Long is survived by his wife, Becky; his mother, Thelma; sons, Matt and John; daughter, Emily; and eight grandchildren.

Edward B. Mewborne, HS’63,’67, died March 15. He was 83. Dr. Mewborne is survived by his wife, Mary Ann; sons, Edward Bruce Mewborne, III, Jeffrey Dunman Mewborne, John Marion Mewborne, and Michael Matthew Mewborne; and nine grandchildren.

Alfred J. Mueller, MD, HS’55, died March 26. He was 92. Dr. Mueller is survived by his children Danny Mueller Milan, Meg Huffines, Billy Mueller, Charles Mueller, Molly Elliott; eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

James C. Overall Jr., MD’63, HS’63, died May 1. He was 83. Dr. Overall is survived by his wife, Ilene; sons, David and Paul; six grandsons; stepchildren: Matthew, Bradley and Adrien; and eight step-grandchildren.

H. “Scott” Patterson, Jr., MD, BA ‘53, MA’59, HS’67, ‘68, died March 27. He was 88. Dr. Patterson is survived by his wife, Eleanor; children Briggs Patterson McMillan, Margaret Patterson Braden and H. Scott Patterson, III; two grandsons and two step- granddaughters.

Charles J. Phifer, BE’55, MD’70, HS’70, died Dec. 31, 2019. He was 87. Dr. Phifer is survived by his wife, Bev, and daughters Shannon Deck and Cari Henry.

Noel T. Rivers-Bulkeley, HS’80, died March 30. He was 65. Dr. Rivers-Bulkeley is survived by his wife, Elizabeth.

Matthew E. Seaman, MD’82, died March 28, 2019. He was 62. Dr. Seaman is survived by his wife and daughter.

Stanley G. Seat, BA’55, MD’59, HS’59, died April 25. He is survived by his wife, Karen, and children Stanley and Kevin.

Burton C. Staugaard, PhD, HS’66, died June 7. He was 90. Dr. Staugaard is survived by his wife, Ruth Helen; children Carol, John, Peter, and Elizabeth; and eight grandchildren.

William J. Stone, MD, HS’62, Emer Fac-Med, died May 11. He was 83. Dr. Stone was a nephrologist and professor of Medicine, emeritus, who retired in December 2019 after 50 years as a member of the faculty of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Dr. Stone also served for 45 years as chief of the Nephrology Section at the Nashville Veterans Affairs Medical Center, part of the Tennessee Valley Healthcare System. Dr. Stone is survived by his wife, Elizabeth “Libby”; three children and four grandchildren.

Bobby W. Webster, FE’83, died April 2. He was 71. Dr. Webseter is survived by his wife, Nancy; children Blake Webster, Hilary Plumlee, and Jaime Burkott; and nine grandchildren.

Jack N. Wells, MD, Emeritus Fac, died Jan. 12. He was 82. Dr. Wells is survived by his children Daniel and Douglas; daughter-in-law Elizabeth; and two grandchildren.