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VAPR partners with scientists across the country to design, develop, and evaluate all the molecular tools and assays needed to drive research forward.

Our broad experience and deep expertise allows us to pursue the most challenging protein and antibody projects.

We work on a wide spectrum of projects from basic reagent development, to diagnostic assays, to large-molecule therapeutic generation and assessment. Click on any service below to learn more.

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Services

  • Generate Novel Monoclonal Antibodies. We have experience in generating research antibodies,
    therapeutic/neutralizing antibodies, phospho-site specific antibodies, splice/cleavage site specific antibodies, and many others.
  • Monoclonal antibody purification from existing hybridomas to fit any scale or budget
  • Antibody labeling
  • Antigen generation and purification
  • Hybridoma optimization

Recombinant Antibody / Antibody Engineering Services

  • Isolation and sequencing of antibody variable (VH and VL) domains from hybridomas
  • Small and large-scale antibody productions/purifications from cloned antibodies
  • Antibody humanization (chimera generation)
  • Single-chain (scFv) generation
  • Antibody Optimization

Recombinant Protein Services

  • Recombinant protein expression, optimization, and purification
  • Codon optimization of target for maximum expression
  • Mammalian cell based expression (transient and stable)
  • Kinetic and Quantitative Analyses of Protein:Protein and Protein:Small Molecule Interactions

Assay and Labeling Services

  • Sandwich and Direct ELISA assay development
  • Initial antibody pairing and standard validation
  • Assay qualification
  • ELISA testing service with custom or commercial assays
  • Services to perform most antibody-based assays
  • Protein and Antibody labeling/conjugation
  • Any scale
  • Carriers, Resins, Magnetic beads, etc
  • Fluorophores, CyTOF labels, Biotin, etc

General Purpose Antibodies, Enzymes, and Other Reagents

  • VAPR offers extremely high-quality purified antibodies and molecular biology enzymes to Vanderbilt Investigators.
  • Fully Functional Signaling Molecules (Ex. Wnt, R-spondin).
  • Molecular Biology Reagents and kits (Ex. Quick pour PAGE Gels, Plasmid DNA purification kits).
  • Quality control tested and 100% guaranteed.  To see the full list of available reagents go to the repositories web page.

Click here or on the Services link on the top-right sidebar of the screen to see a full menu of available services.

VAPR – Custom Antibody and Recombinant Protein Experts

A division of the Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology (VICB)