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A variety of information will be analyzed regarding each student’s achievement of the VC3 goals and objectives. Entries in a student’s VPEN (VSTAR Patient Electronic Note) will indicate the number of patients seen with complaints related to VC3. These entries will also be reviewed to determine the depth of understanding regarding the VC3 problems. Each student will meet with their Portfolio Coach individually to review progress along the learning objectives.


In June of each year, second year students participate in a half-day assessment activity to monitor achievement of the VC3 learning objectives. The half-day will include multi-station OSCEs and opportunities for students to express differential diagnoses and initial management strategies for simulated experiences.

The medical school intends that every student achieves or exceeds competent performance for these VC3 problems. If a student struggles in a particular area, he or she will be given ample opportunity for improvement and resources to assure success.