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Learning Objectives

LearnObjlomissurgery.jpgExpected outcome:  Medical students will demonstrate the basics of clinical judgment in the evaluation of patients with any of the 25 presenting problems in the Vanderbilt Core Clinical Curriculum. Clinical judgment is how physicians use clinical skills, information from scientific sources and prior experience with similar patients to understand what is going on with the patient and determine the next best step to manage their problem.

Rationale: The selected presenting problems are commonly encountered conditions that have important differential diagnoses requiring decision-making based on clinical findings.

Prerequisites: Each presenting problem has prerequisite knowledge and skills that will better prepare students to encounter patients with these complaints. In general, these prerequisites are derived from the students’ experiences in the first two years of medical school.

Core Competencies: For every patient encountered, a medical student should be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  • apply medical knowledge in the clinical encounter (Medical Knowledge)
  • interact professionally with the patient during the clinical encounter (Professionalism)
  • build a therapeutic physician-patient relationship (Interpersonal and Communication Skills)
  • provide clinical care to the patient within the practical context of the individual patient-physician relationship (Patient Care)
  • reflect on a clinical encounter and identify opportunities for improvement (Practice-Based Learning and Improvement)
  • access and utilize appropriate information systems and resources to help delineate issues related to the management of patients (Systems-Based Practice)

Problem-Specific Skills: For each patient encountered with one of the VC3 presenting problems, a medical student should be able to demonstrate the ability to:

1. apply medical knowledge about the problem in the clinical encounter

2.  diagnose the problem

3.  develop a management plan for the problem

Individual Learning Objectives: Detailed learning objectives for each presenting problem are available by selecting the problem in the list to the right or in VSTAR PEN.