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The Vanderbilt Genome Editing Resource develops emerging genome editing and modification technologies and offers access to Vanderbilt investigators through collaborative mechanisms. We are pleased to now offer CRISPR interference mouse models! VGER can design a custom set of guide RNAs to target the transcriptional start site for gene of interest and introduce a U6-sgRNA expression cassette into the mouse genome for its genetic expression. Upon breeding with the dCas9-KRAB expressing mouse of your choice, mouse global, Cre-inducible, or DOX-inducible CRISPRi models can be rapidly produced. As a new and flexible technology, CRISPRi can be used in a variety of ways and add novelty to your studies.

By breeding your VGER-produce sgRNA expressing strain with a tissue-specific Cre recombinase or rtTA, CRISPRi models with tissue-specific, inducible, or reversible repression can be produced.


Advisory Meeting → sgRNA Design → Reagent Procurement → Editing of Mouse Embryos → Screening of F0 Generation → Breeding and Screening of N1 Generation

Average Time to F0 Founders:

5-6 months


By quote and collaboration agreement only.

Average Knockdown Efficiency:

Our global CRISPRi mouse models have exhibited anywhere from 60% to >95% gene repression.

Models Produced: 8