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Precise Deletions and Short Insertions

The Vanderbilt Genome Editing Resource uses CRISPR technology, specifically Integrated DNA Technologies AltR™ ctRNAs, HDR donor oligos, and HiFi SpCas9 protein, to efficiently introduce precise deletions and short insertions, such as point mutations and epitope tags, into a variety of different mouse strains via electroporation.


Advisory Meeting → Strategy Design → Reagent Procurement → Editing of Mouse Embryos → Screening of F0 Generation → Breeding and Screening of N1 Generation

Average Time to F0 Founders:

4-5 months

Price through F0 Founder Generation:

Shared resources must adjust pricing annually. Projects are by custom quote. Most full-service projects we offer fall within a range of $15,000 – $20,000.

Success Rate:

100% for edits that do not severely affect viability, morbidity, or fertility

Genotype Guarantee:

As a shared resource, we cannot offer a money back guarantee. Based on previous projects, we can confidently state that the edits that do not severely affect viability, morbidity, or fertility, in our standard strains C57BL/6J or C57BL/6N, will be produced within two electroporation attempts, most within one attempt.

Models Produced: >50