NOTE: The Vanderbilt International Scholar Program is no longer active; however, international applicants are still welcomed and encouraged to apply to the biomedical research programs at Vanderbilt University. IF YOU ARE A PROSPECTIVE INTERNATIONAL APPLICANT and would like more information about applying to the biomedical research programs, please visit the IGP website.

The Vanderbilt International Scholar Program (VISP) began as a pilot program in 2010 and ran through the 2015-2016 academic year. The goal of the program was to recruit outstanding international students into Vanderbilt’s Biomedical Research programs and to provide support for them throughout their studies. VISP was one of Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos’s initiatives aimed at strengthening international collaboration and increasing campus diversity.

There were three VISP initiatives that supported international students and international collaborations:

  • VISP's primary mission was to support international PhD students studying Biomedical Sciences at Vanderbilt. International students applying to any one of five specific PhD programs were considered by VISP for support of their graduate studies. 
  • VISP's second goal was to support international undergraduate students considering careers in biomedical research.  The Vanderbilt International Summer Research Academy (VISRA) offered these students a rigorous research experience. There were two sections of VISRA – one during Vanderbilt's academic break (June-July) and a second for those students who study in the Southern Hemisphere and whose academic break is different (Jan-Feb). 
  • Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Primary Investigators could apply for assistance to bring a foreign-enrolled, non-US citizen graduate student to Vanderbilt as part of their ongoing research collaboration through our Short Term Fellowship program. 

For questions about the biomedical research application process, please visit the IGP website or contact IGP Assistant Director, Dr. Beth Bowman, at elizabeth.a.bowman@vanderbilt.edu.