Farewell VISRA 2015; Welcome new VISP students!

August 27, 2015

On July 31, 2015, this summer's VISRA participants gathered with their fellow Vanderbilt peers and faculty to present their research at the bi-annual VISRA Research Symposium. The Symposium is designed to give the students a space to present their findings and to give the undergraduates valuable presentation experience. The Symposium presentations are the capstone of the VISRA experience. 

For eight weeks, these 12 students from 12 different countries had the opportunity to gain valuable research experience in a Vanderbilt lab. In their spare time, they went white water rafting, listened to bluegrass, and went to a Nashville Sounds baseball game.

Congratulations to all of the Summer 2015 VISRA participants! If you would like to learn more about the Vanderbilt International Summer Research Academy, please visit http://medschool.vanderbilt.edu/visp/visra or check us out on Facebook: VISPatVU.


Symposium 2015 visra students.JPG


Almost as soon as the VISRA students had returned home, we were welcoming the first-year VISP students to campus! The seven new VISP students represent five different countries (China, South Korea, India, Vietnam, and Costa Rica), graduated from seven different undergraduate institutions, and are enrolled in three different academic programs (IGP, DHSS, and QCB). 

To read more about all VISP students, present and former, visit the VISP Students section of our website.

Each first-year student has been paired with an upper-level VISP student, called a "pal," to help them with their transition to graduate school and to the United States. VISP students will also be in an IMPACT class together with Dr. Roger Colbran, where they will have lively weekly discussions about topics ranging from best practices in research to career development to cultural adjustment. 

As a kickoff to the year, the annual "VISP Welcome Party" was held at VISP Director Kathy Gould's home. It was a fun evening with great food, engaging conversation, and lots of laughter. Some of our favorite photos are below.






We are looking forward to seeing this new group of VISP students develop and grow during their first year of their PhD program. Be sure to follow VISP on Facebook to keep up with the latest updates and news!