VISRA Symposium with Guest Speaker, Jun Ding

March 10, 2016

On Friday, February 26, 2016, the winter VISRA interns presented their research from the past two months during the bi-annual VISRA Research Symposium. Audience members included VISP scholars, PI and lab members from the host labs, and various other Vanderbilt students and faculty. Several 4th year VISP students also presented on some of their current research.

For the second time ever, the VISRA Symposium was organized by two current VISP students. This year's symposium organizers were Xiaohan Wang and Siwei He. Through their efforts, the event also featured a guest speaker, Dr. Jun Ding from Stanford University in California.

Dr. Ding spoke to an audience of nearly 80 staff, faculty, students, post-docs, and VISRA interns about the challenges of pursuing a scientific research career--and the ways he, personally, has overcome those challenges. His dynamic talk was well-received by the audience, who had an array of questions for him during the question-and-answer period. 

Special thanks, once again, to Xiaohan and Siwei, who did an excellent job organizing the 9th Bi-Annual VISRA Research Symposium. And congratulations to the VISRA interns on successfully completing the program and presenting their research. 

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For more photos from the Symposium, click here!

Sing-Young Chen (VISRA) presents her research.

Gokhan Unlu (VISP) poses a question to the presenter.

Chen Lior (VISRA) presents her research.

Nalin (VISP) presents her research.

Dr. Ding talks to the captive audience.

An audience member asks Dr. Ding a question.

Dr. Ding engages with the audience.