Alejandra Romero Morales

Name: Alejandra Romero
Country: Costa Rica
Mentor: Claudia D. Andl, Ph.D.


Hi! My name is Alejandra Romero from Heredia, Costa Rica. I’m currently in 2nd year of Med School in the University of Costa Rica (UCR). Since the beginning of my career, I have been always interested in biomedical research because of the potential that this field have. The chances that studies in this area represent for the development of treatments and therapies to improve the quality of life of patients are practically endless! With each new discovery in the area, one realizes how complex and delicately structured is the human body, that it is so finely designed that even a small change in the genetic arrangement could mean illness, healing, life or death. Because of that, I decided to apply to the VISRA program knowing that I was going to be able to develop not only my passion for research, but to work with highly qualified professionals that can share with me a little bit of their “know how”.

In Dr. Andl's lab, I have been able to work with very different techniques regarding cell culture and protein expression patterns. My project is centered in the different signaling pathways implicated in the initiation and progression of esophageal cancer. I have learned a lot about the mechanisms behind metastasis and invasion of cancerous cells.

I strongly recommend the VISRA program to anyone who is passionate about research. You not only learn a lot about working on a first class lab, but can get to know people who perspire knowledge and are willing to share it with you. Also, Nashville is a great place to visit! It’s not known as Music city for nothing! I encourage you to take a shot and apply for this amazing program full of new experiences y really wonderful new friends.