Aparna Shekar

Aparna Shekar

Hi! My name is Aparna, and I am from Bangalore, a beautiful city in the southern part of India. I have an undergraduate degree in Engineering with a major in Biotechnology from Visweswaraya Technological University. After my undergrad, I worked in the Molecular Biology and Gene Expression lab at Monsanto Research Center, India, which channeled my interests towards research in life science.  During my first year at Vanderbilt, I plan to rotate in labs that carry out research in molecular pharmacology.

Vanderbilt's campus is the most beautiful I have ever seen, and the faculty and students are wonderful and welcoming. I am growing to love Nashville more and more as I explore the city everyday. It is vibrant, culturally diverse, and has great music as an obvious part of every place one visits. I love the outdoors, and I'm looking forward to exploring the numerous lakes and hiking trails in and around Nashville.



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