Ayca Bagci

Ayca Bagci

VISRA Intern, Johnson Lab


Merhaba! I’m from Istanbul, Turkey. I study Molecular Biology and Genetics in Bogazici University.


Applying for VISRA was one of the best decisions I have given in my undergraduate education. VISRA is an amazing opportunity for me to get hands on research experience in an amazing biomedical research center with mentorship of accomplished academicians. Variety of research done, and collaborations between labs have broaden my vision for my future possibilities in my carrier in biomedical research. Scientists and future scientists coming from all over the world to work together here in Vanderbilt allows chance for networking as well as getting to know new cultures from first hand.


Here, I work in Carl Johnson’s Lab in Biological Sciences. Our main focus is on circadian rhythms. I work on a project that basically aims to learn more about input providing system of cyanobacteria’s unique biological clockwork. Biological clock controls entire metabolism of cyanobacteria so better understanding and further improvement of the system can enhance expression of bio-products that have practical value. This project is different than anything topic I’ve worked on before. My experience in Johnson Lab and what I’ve learned in here will surely have an enlightening effect on my future researches.


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