Carolina Manyari Diaz

VISRA Intern, Miller Lab

Hola! My name is Carolina Manyari and I come from Lima, Peru. I study Biology in the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, where I’m going to start my final year in March and I’m also a research assistant in the Bacteriology Lab. I believe that being a part of Biomedical research not only gives me the chance to work in what I love but it gives me the opportunity of having a direct impact on people’s lives.

VISRA is the door that will open many paths for my future as a scientist. It allows me to grow, both as a professional gaining experience in new techniques with novel research models and advanced technology, and as a person, making good friends with different cultures, learning about them, working as a team, developing responsibility, helping us to gain maturity, preparing us for our futures in our studies abroad.

I'm in The Miller Lab, where I am studying the PVD neuron in C. elegans, involved in the response to the harsh touch, which makes synaptic connections with interneurons that determine forward (PVC) and backward movement (AVA), related to escape response. My project is to determine which genes are involved in selective synaptic connection -picking PVC over AVA interneuron- to trigger a response to the harsh touch stimulus.

I’m really enjoying my time in Nashville. People here are so nice everywhere I go, there are beautiful views, it’s a place that makes me feel in home, and when I get to my house, there is nothing better than hanging out with my VISRA friends.