Chen Lior

VISRA Intern, Ascano Lab

Hi everyone! I'm Chen, and I'm from Tel Aviv, Israel. I'm currently in my third and final year of a bachelor degree in Tel Aviv University, where I'm double majoring in Biology and Statistics. In my second year of university I started doing research and immediately knew this is something I would like to keep on doing. So many questions are just waiting for someone to grab a pipette and a lab coat and begin their journey toward an answer. 

I found the VISRA program while looking for exciting opportunities to broaden my knowledge of science, and to get a different perspective of life as a researcher. I decided to apply, and to my great joy, I got accepted! 

While in Nashville, I'm working in the Ascano lab, where I will be studying the effects cytoplasmic DNA has on the innate immune system, particularly via the cGAS-cGAMP-STING pathway. I'm really excited about this project, since I get to learn so many new techniques and methods, meet new people and see how life as a scientist at a top university is like.

So far Nashville has been amazing. The Vanderbilt campus is unbelievably beautiful, the people here are so friendly, and I can't wait for all the activities we have lined up – especially the Ryman Auditorium tour and the Jack Daniel's tour.