Dana Amer

Dana Amer

VISRA Intern, Zijlstra Lab

Hello! I'm Dana Amer from Jordan. I am a third year Pharmacy student at The University of Jordan.


I'm currently working in Dr. Andries Zijlstra's Lab. My lab studies Activated Leukocyte Adhesion Molecule which has been implicated in migratory processes such as cancer metastasis. Therefore, it serves as an important tool to predict the progression of cancer. My main goal is to develop a PCR that could distinguish between the 2 isoforms of ALCAM. In addition to that, I'm working on developing bladder 3D cultures to be used in future, in vitro studies of ALCAM.


My favorite thing about my experience is the lab environment. It's helping me grow both personally and intellectually. Dr. Zijlstra, Katie Hebron, Holli Loomans,Chase Taylor and Adel Eskaros have been so accepting, encouraging and helpful. 


Nashville is a beautiful city! I'm especially fond by it's sunsets.