Fruzsina Eva Felegyhazi

Name: Fruzsina Eva Felegyhazi
Country: Hungary
Mentor: Gregor Neuert, Ph.D.


My name is Eva Fruzsina Felegyhazi. At the moment I am in the middle of my M.Sc. in Biomedical engineering at Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

For me, VISRA was one of the greatest opportunities during my studies. The scholarship gives the chance of working and learning at one of the best universities and getting true international research experience.

At Vanderbilt I joined to Mr.Gregor Neuert's laboratory, the Lab for Quantitative Systems Biology. The current research in the lab focuses on studying and predicting dynamic spatial-temporal processes in signal transduction and gene regulation by quantifying individual cells with single-molecule resolution. In my project I do computational biology just as in Hungary. That means I have never seen living cells or put on a glove since I arrived here.

A successful application is just the beginning of the wonderful things that will happen to you if you try VISRA. After that you will get a bunch of new impressions, make new friends and when you arrive, you will see, that Nashville is definately the best place to get to know with the American educational system and the true hospitality of the Vanderbilt University. I guarantee, that you will enjoy your time here!