Gokhan Unlu

Gokhan Unlu

I am from a Mediterranean coastal city called Mersin, in Turkey. I completed both my Bachelor and Master’s studies in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics of Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. In 2011, I joined IGP program at Vanderbilt. After my first year in IGP, I have joined Cell & Developmental Biology graduate program. Currently, I have been pursuing my thesis research in Ela Knapik’s lab, where the primary research interest is the role of protein trafficking machinery on the development of zebrafish.

What I like the most about Vanderbilt and Nashville is the welcoming environment and having people around that are always ready to help. I look forward to not only being involved in the vibrant research life in VUMC but also exploring the amazing landscape and natural beauties of Southern US.



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Vacaru A.M., Unlu G., Spitzner M., Mione M., Knapik E.W., Sadler K.C., 2014, In vivo cell biology in zebrafish: providing insight into development and disease. J Cell Sci. 127:1-11



American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship beginning in January 2015, which will provide two years of funding.