Hanxing Gao

Hanxing Gao

Name: Hanxing “Iris” Gao
Country: Singapore (Nanyang Technological University)
Nationality: China
Mentor: Eric Skaar

Hi there, my name is Iris. I am an undergraduate from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. I majorin Biological Sciences and have a wide range of research interests. I have been studying bacterial pathogenesis for the past year, and I am deeply amazed by the tiny yet intricate creatures.

Applying to VISRA is one of the best decisions I have made. Here, I joined Dr. Eric Skaar’s lab to investigate functions of heme degradation products by bacterial enzymes. I love the exciting research atmosphere and opportunities to interact with so many brilliant scientists. Short it is; the eight week-long experience will certainly train me into a more experienced and insightful biologist.

The VISRA program also provides enrichment sessions to improve us in different aspects, ranging from the weekly mentoring sessions to GRE preparation courses. In addition, our program coordinator is so amiable and considerate that we never worry about housing, traveling or paperwork.

Vanderbilt is also a fantastic place if one is looking forward to a decent work-life balance. There are a large amount of fun events happening every week in town. We as a group of nine have had a fantastic time traveling around Nashville, and we are even planning to go farther.