Javier Galdon Armero

Javier Galdon Armero

Name: Javier Galdon Armero
Country: Spain
Mentor: Mark Denison

Hi everyone! I’m Javier Galdón, one of the two Visra students from Spain! I study Biotechnology at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, which is one of the largest cities in Spain and lies by the Mediterranean Sea.

I have always been interested in the education system in the USA, so after a tough research on the Internet I came across VISRA program. At first sight, it looked like the perfect program for people who loves getting in touch with a totally different culture and learn as much as possible by the way! So, I was really excited when I knew I have been selected.

Here, I am working at Dr. M. Denison’s lab, where I am analyzing the effect of glycosylation of one non-structural protein on coronavirus (yes, it sounds dangerous!) replication. I am really happy about joining his lab, the lab team is awesome and they are really helping me as much as they can. I, doubtlessly, would choose this research group again if I had to.

Apart from the research experience, all the VISRA team is always available to help and all the scheduled sessions and GRE prep are actually very important, especially if you plan to apply for grad school here in the US. From a global point of view, I would say this program actually helps international students better understand and get used to life in the States.

As for the city, Nashville is quite cheap in comparison to other places (specially if you come from Europe you will find clothing extremely cheap!) and is always full of people and music… Music is everywhere, all the time: free concerts all along the summer, live-music pubs… It is actually amazing!

I don’t to make you read too much, so just to finish with, I would recommend anyone with interest in science to apply and be ready for a wonderful summer!!