Julio Miranda Alban

VISRA Intern, Gould Lab

My name is Julio and I’m from Piura, a city in northwest Peru. I moved to Lima a couple of years ago, where I’m majoring Genetics and Biotechnology at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. I’ve been always interested in biomedical research and particularly in the field of Cellular and Molecular Biology. My life without doing research would be really boring.

I heard about VISRA from previous Peruvian participants that encouraged me to apply and I’m very grateful for that. I’m currently an intern in Dr. Kathleen Gould’s lab, where I work in a project about identifying interactions between membrane-binding and lipid metabolism-related proteins, which are believed to play a role as regulators of the cell division during cell cycle in Schizosacchamoryces pombe. 

This is for sure a unique experience that I would strongly recommend to anyone interested in biomedical research. The program gives you the opportunity to get involved in cutting-edge research projects, learn new skills and techniques, and get to know first-level scientists that work at the prestigious Vanderbilt University. Besides, you have the chance to network with young science students from all around the world and have fun experiencing the different activities that you can do in Nashville.