Katarina Vaskovicova

Katarina Vaskovicova

Katarina Vaskovicova (2011)
Country: Slovakia
VU Mentor: Alissa Weaver 

Hello! My name is Katarina Vaskovicova. I come from Slovakia, but I currently study in Czech Republic at Charles University in Prague. I got a bachelors degree in the major “Molecular biology and biochemistry of organisms“ and now I'm in the second year of my masters studies, major “Cell and developmental biology“.
In Prague, I work in a lab headed by RN Dr. Jan Brabek, Ph.D., where we investigate the migration and invasiveness of cancer cells, and this is the area that I would like to pursue also in the future.

Here, in Vanderbilt, I joined the lab led by Alissa Weaver, M.D., Ph.D., in the Department of Cancer Biology. The aim of my work is to start a project of determination of matrix protease secretion and basement membrane protein secretion of cancer cell lines with different invasive potential.

Participating in VISRA is a great experience for me. I have an opportunity to do interesting research with great scientists. But I learn many more things than new methods in lab.  I am getting to know how my new lab and how the institution of Vanderbilt works and now I understand the science in a practical way a bit more.

And what is my advice for future VISRA participants? Just enjoy your research in here, but don't forget to relax after your work and try to spend your free time with other VISRA participants as much as possible, you easily become very good friends.