Lei "Pumpki" Su

Hi! My name is Pumpki Lei Su and I am from Shanghai, China!

Just two months ago, at the end of June, I received my bachelor degree from Northwestern University in Chicago, where I double majored in Linguistics and Communication Sciences and Disorders and minored in French. As an undergrad, I had the chance to work in two different labs, Dr. Casey Lew-William’s lab, Language Learning Lab, and Dr. Megan Roberts’s lab, Early Intervention Research Group. These lab experiences challenged me to become the intellectual leader of my own projects and convinced me to further pursue my research interest in atypical language development in young children in graduate school.

I chose to come to Vanderbilt because of the diverse yet collaborative research environment here. I am extremely excited to start working in Dr. Steve Camarata’s Developmental Disabilities Lab and to learn more about identification and treatment of speech and language disorders in young children!

In my free time, I like to paint, draw, play ukulele and sing, cook, bake, run outside, play with little kiddo and answer millions of their questions. I am so glad to be part of the VISP and can’t wait to explore Nashville!