Leticia Stock

Leticia Stock

Name: Leticia Stock
Country: Brazil
Mentor: Carlos F. Lopez

Hi, I am Leticia Stock from Brazil. I have recently completed my master degree with a
focus on theoretical biophysics at Universidade de Brasilia, Brazil.

I came to know the VISRA program at the 2013 57th Biophysical Society annual meeting. During the conference, I met professor Carlos F. Lopez, who advised me to consider the VISRA program for my training and introduced me to the graduate programs at Vanderbilt. Following this interaction, I investigated further about the programs and was very excited to experience Vanderbilt's high-paced research environment.

Here at the VISRA program, I am having the opportunity to work at Professor Lopez's lab. The lab focuses mainly on the development and application of numerical methods to understand signal transduction cascades in cells and their deregulation in cancer. The project I am currently working on wishes to investigate a signaling network that leads to cell apoptosis. For that, I am employing variance based sensitivity analysis to assess how sensitive the network is to alterations of input kinetic parameters, as a way of reducing model uncertainties. This experience is being much exciting and without any doubt extremely valuable to my academic training!

I would also like take the chance to stress that both VISRA staff, as well as professors and research teams have been very helpful and friendly at all times. That being said, I would like to thank them for making this experience even better!