Liu Shiyang

Liu Shiyang

Liu Shiyang (2012)
Country: China
VU Mentor: Jin Chen

I am Liu Shiyang from China, currently studying at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. I am majoring in Biological Sciences and have a fervent interest in cancer biology, especially the role of signal transductions in cancer. Doing research in a different country with different cultures and research environments has always been one of my dreams for my undergraduate life, as I am sure the experience will broaden my horizons and the differences will help me do more reflections on my future career. Thanks to VISRA, it provides me the great and invaluable opportunity to conduct an eight-week research project at beautiful Vanderbilt University.

This summer, I am very fortunate to be able to join Dr. Chen's lab to investigate the efficacy of EphA2 receptor kinase inhibitors in lung cancer and study the possible resistance mechanisms of cancer cells for targeted therapy. Although eight-weeks is really short for a research project, it is always possible that Impossible is Nothing, and I will try my best to work on it. I am sure the experience will not only open my eyes and minds to new research techniques and ideas, I will also be inspired by the researchers around me to learn the essential qualities to be a scientist.

Being at one of the top medical schools in the states and working at a medical center, I am excited to find that biomedicine has never been so close to me. Working on a project related to cancer therapy, working with people who are from medical schools or delicated to pursue medicine, meeting doctors and residents everywhere around the campus, the experience will definitely help me consider deeply why and how to pursue a career as a physician-scientist.

Outside the lab, we have mentoring sessions every week from the faculty members, which are great opportunities for us to talk to the scientists face to face to learn their experiences in scientific research. There are also outings arranged by VISRA every Saturday for us to explore the fun and beauty of Nashville.  VISRA is really a great summer research program that deeply cares and helps students who are interested in biomedical research.

**Shiyang began the Duke-Singapore MD/PhD program in Fall 2013