Maria Fomicheva

Maria Fomicheva

Maria Fomicheva (2012)
Country: Russia
VU Mentor: Irina Kaverina

My name is Maria Fomicheva, I am a student of Cell Biology and Histology Department of Biology Faculty at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia. Now I am at my last year of study in the University and I hope to prolong my education and work in the field of cell biology.

At Vanderbilt University I work in the Kaverina lab. I participate in project which focuses on investigation whether/how Golgi-derived microtubules direct insulin granule transport for beta cells in case of normal functioning and diabetes. Also my goal is to comprehend how Golgi-derived microtubules influence Golgi apparatus assembly after his dismantling with nocodazole.

It is a great pleasure for me to become a collaborator with outstanding researchers who share knowledges and experience with me during my being here in Nashville. I get to know new methods, secrets and mastery of scientific investigations and also I feel friendly environment and help every day in my lab and it inspires me to work and increases my wish to achieve the aims of my project. VISRA gives participants unique opportunity to be absorbed in atmosphere of scientific life, find new friends and colleagues and have fun in hospitable and cozy Nashville.

*Maria enters the Vanderbilt Interdisciplinary Graduate Program (IGP) in Fall 2014 after continuing her work with Dr. Irina Kaverina for the past year.