Michael Margineanu

Michael Margineanu

Michael Margineanu (2012)
Country: Romania
VU Mentor: David Cortez

My name is Michael, I come from Romania (Dracula’s land) and I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Jacobs University Bremen in Germany.

I have been offered the wonderful opportunity to work in the lab of Dr. David Cortez, Professor of Biochemistry and Ingram Professor of Cancer Research. The Cortez Lab is interested in the mechanisms that maintain genome integrity, in particular those which control the cell cycle along with the DNA replication and DNA repair processes.  I am focusing on the study of DNA damage response, a very exciting but at the same time challenging research topic. As defects in genome maintenance can cause cancer as well as neurodegenerative disorders and premature aging, a better understanding of the mechanisms by which DNA damage response is triggered in cells and how it is regulated could lead to the development of very potent drugs against these specific diseases.

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