Milica Krga

VISRA Intern, Sanders Lab

Hello , my name is Milica Krga and I am currently enrolled in the fourth year of  undergraduate studies of Pharmacy at the Medical faculty in Novi Sad, Serbia.With an innate character of humanist and researcher I chose pharmacy which I percieve to be a perfect integration of science curiculum with the most sophisticated aim- to help the human kind.

I  decided to apply for VISRA in order to be introduced in research by esteemed scientists from fields that I most interested in. It is my privilege to be assigned to the lab of Dr. Charles Sanders. Sanders lab focus is structure elucidation of membrane proteins. During my internship my project will be TREM-1 receptor (triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells) expression  and refolding optimization and,eventually,structure determination by NMR spectroscopy. TREM-1  is a potential therapeutic target for septic shock.

Not only do  I hope to gain immeasurable hands-on experience and knowledge for my future scientific endeavors, but also an insight into how it looks to be a scientist.

Moreover, as a part-time citizen of a Music city, I hope to visit a place where it all came from- Grand Ole Opry. Besides the educational and academic part of the program, I am sure being in an international company of VISRA students will benefit to development of my cosmopolitan character.


Scientists to be, do not hesitate, but self-motivate and apply for VISRA!