Nina Miljanovic

Name: Nina Miljanovic
Country: Serbia
Mentor: Craig W. Lindsley, Ph.D.


Hello, my name is Nina and I come from Novi Sad, Serbia. I am enrolled in undergraduate course of pharmacy at University of Novi Sad and currently I am 4th year. I have always been interested in science and helping people which is why I have chosen this profession.  Besides that, one of the best privileges of biomedical sciences is the chance to do research and explore the world around us.

I decided to apply for VISRA because it gives an excellent opportunity to work with great experts in their field of science. Moreover, the program will definitely be valuable practical experience for my future career.  I am working in Craig Lindsley’s lab at Vanderbilt centre for neuroscience drug discovery. My project is focused on finding new molecules and examination of their efficiency in treating schizophrenia.

This program is also a unique chance to find out more about American culture and lifestyle. Outside the lab, Vanderbilt and Nashville in general are fantastic for students. With other VISRA participants I tend to use every free moment to enjoy in sightseeing, local specialties and of course well known country music. To all students interested in doing a research outside their country, I have only one piece of advice. Apply!