Petar Stupar

Petar Stupar

Petar Stupar (2011)
Country: Serbia
VU Mentor: Eva Harth

Hi!  My name is Petar, and I am student of Physical Chemistry at the University of Belgrade in Serbia. In a few months time I will have a Bachelor Degree in Physical Chemistry, and by the end of the year 2011, I will start with Master Courses in Biophysical Chemistry. After that, I am planning to pursue a PhD.

At Vanderbilt University as VISRA participant, in Dr. Eva Harth’s lab, I am studying drug delivery systems for improved cancer chemotherapy. I am developing polymers for nanoparticle encapsulation of hydrophobic drugs and investigating the chemical biology of drug synergy for optimum therapeutic effectiveness in in vitro and in vivo models.

Conducting research with excellent scientists in modern laboratories is a must in gathering experience for the future career. Being a summer research student at Vanderbilt University is a great opportunity for expanding knowledge and preparing for continuation of studies. There are many research areas, but the biomedical field of study is well-known and top-rated in USA, so I would suggest anyone who is familiar with the English language and interested in life sciences, to apply for a great experience and a very good start for paving the way for a future career.

Besides being involved in science, of course, there is always time for having fun. In Nashville, known as Music City, you can get to know various kinds of music. There are many things to see and to do, and the nightlife is awesome!.