Pilar Corredor Moreno

Pilar Corredor Moreno

Name: Pilar Corredor Moreno
Country: Spain
Mentor: Nick Reiter

Hi, this is Pilar, a Spanish Biotechnology student who is passionate about two things: travelling and Science. And successfully, I’ve found both of my driving forces in VISRA this summer.

I’ve been studying at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain) for 3 years but, once I finish my undergraduate studies next year in Poland and Argentina, I would like to continue my career in research most likely by doing a PhD abroad. Therefore, VISRA is undoubtedly the first step to fulfill my aim of becoming a graduate student. The program not only provides you an incredible first-hand research experience, but also helps you with all the headaches you may have when applying to a Graduate School in the US (the education system here, the GRE, the personal statements, etc).

During this summer, I have the opportunity to work in Nick Reiter’s lab at the Biochemistry Department. People in my lab are really nice and helpful and they have made me feel very comfortable from the beginning.  We are mainly trying to elucidate the structural mechanisms of tRNA processing by human mitochondrial ribonuclease P, principally by crystallography, and I’m learning a lot of cutting-edge technologies every day.

Out of the university, Nashville is a worthy city to live in. The three words that first come to my mind when thinking about it are:  music, kindliness and brightness. It’s a city full of life, country music and nice parks. Love at first sight!

I strongly recommended this program to anyone thinking of pursuing a career in Science but, far from the academic perspective,  VISRA not only supposes a meeting point for potential scientists, but also the convergence of many different people and cultures, allowing us to grow both as scientists and individuals.