Selena Chacon Simon

Pura vida! I am Selena Chacón and I’m from Costa Rica. I graduated from Universidad de Costa Rica and I got a degree in Chemistry. While I was an undergraduate I started working on the isolation of natural products for two years. In 2014, I participated in the VISRA program and I worked at Craig Lindsley's Lab, here my project required to learn and apply organic synthesis techniques. This experience made a difference in my career, I learned that I wanted to keep working on organic synthesis and I also realized that I wanted to pursue a Ph.D. at Vanderbilt University. While in my last year and a half in Universidad de Costa Rica, I worked on different organic synthesis projects which allowed me to improve my skills on this area.

I chose Vanderbilt upon other universities because I knew what I was going to find here: world-class researchers and high quality education. Of course, you cannot forget about the people, you’ll notice a friendly environment. As a VISP (and QCB) student I expect to make connections, to develop my career and grow personally. So far I’m more interested in drug discovery but I'm willing to learn and to discover related areas.

In my free time I enjoy trying new things and I’m usually experiencing different hobbies. So far what I like the most is swimming, playing piano, photography and listening good music. I also like and appreciate spending my time with my family and friends.