Shwetha Narasimhan

Hello! I am Shwetha Narasimhan. I recently completed my undergrad from the Birla Institute of Science and Technology, Dubai. I had expected to feel great homesickness on moving continents away to America, but I'm very happy to be in Nashville, so vibrant, multicultural and accepting that I feel right at home already!

During my undergrad I took quite the interdisciplinary route- from probing into genes responsible for cataract formation, biosensors for detecting early onset myopia and bacterial enzymology for commercialization, to name a few. For my thesis work, I investigated the DNA damage response in cells- which contributes to the onset of genetic instability and cancer. My work involved study of A type lamins as well as Nuclear pore proteins in light of their role in the DNA repair mechanisms. Currently, I am quite interested in cell biology in the context of DDR and malignancy. Translational research is an important aspect of my work- closing the gap between the bench and the bedside has always been my passion.

I am very happy to be part of the IGP program in Vandy; its wide range of departments, high degree of collaborative research and drive for excellence make me quite feel at ease here. Also, its unique VISP program which goes the extra mile for international students with our new environment, culture and career choice is commendable and has helped me out greatly.

In my leisure, I love making crafts, gardening and trying out new recipes. I also love making friends and engaging myself in the superb music scene here in Nashville!