Sing-Young Chen

VISRA Intern, Gannon Lab

My name is Sing-Young and I come from Sydney, Australia. In 2016, I am in my third year of my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Sydney, majoring in Biochemistry. I have always enjoyed biology and since starting university, I have discovered that biomedical research is engaging and challenging, and full of potential.

For me, VISRA is a chance to experience research beyond the shores of Australia. It’s an incredible opportunity to learn new skills and techniques both inside and outside the laboratory, to broaden my understanding of the research community and culture, and to network with scientists from other parts of the world.

I am working in the Gannon lab to investigate the role of EP3, a receptor for prostaglandin E2, in regulation of beta cell mass and proliferation. We hope that this work will have implications for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes, where beta cell mass is compromised and insufficient quantities of insulin are produced.

I’m also excited to participate in VISRA’s cultural activities, especially the Predators’ ice hockey game. I haven’t been to a live ice hockey game before but it sounds like a lot of fun.