Sukrati Sharma

Sukrati Sharma

Sukrati Sharma (2011)
Country: India
VU Mentor: Dan Liebler

My name is Sukrati Sharma and I'm from India. I am currently into my final year of undergraduate studies in Bachelors of chemistry at Hindu college, University of Delhi,India. Ever since my childhood I always had a passion towards science. I have always dreamed of becoming a research scientist at a premier institute where I can earn credibility and not just credentials, and I have realized Vanderbilt is the perfect place for it.

For this summer, I am working in Dr. Daniel Liebler's lab. My lab focuses firstly on proteomic biomarkers for cancer detection and diagnosis and secondly on analysis and mechanisms of cell injury by reactive electrophiles through mass spectrometry. For my summer research I'll be working on comparing cell lines between HPV (human papillomavirus) positive and HPV negative. My experience at Vanderbilt till now has been great with really cooperative labmates. As it's my first research experience, my lab has accepted me as a new learner. I have learnt a wide variety of new things in my lab, and I'm glad I made the right choice in choosing my lab.

Vanderbilt is the best place to pursue higher studies because of its close interaction of students with the faculty, impressive research facilities and wide variety of research fields. I have a great interest towards biochemistry and I'm looking forward to earn a PhD degree for the same at Vanderbilt. VISRA has helped me decide my future career path through various enrichment sessions and journal clubs. VISRA has also made me enjoy through Saturday trips to various places like Mammoth Caves, Cheekwood etc.

I find Nashville one of the best cities I have ever visited. The environment is really comfortable. The country music is extraordinary and admirable. For future VISRA participants I would advice them to communicate with others as much as possible and this is the perfect time to make a future plan and Vanderbilt is the best place to work upon it.