Susanne Prokop

Name: Susanne Prokop
Country: Hungary
Mentor: Todd R. Graham, Ph.D.

My name is Susanne Prokop and I am currently enrolled in the 9th semester at Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary.  In addition to that, I have started to study Informatics as well.

In my opinion, the VISRA Undergrad Program is the perfect opportunity to conduct biomedical research during the summer. We can get to know new techniques, improve our theoretical knowledge, and gain a unique experience.

I am working in the laboratory of Todd Graham. Our team is doing amazing research about the function of P4-ATPases in budding yeast. The aim of my project is to improve our knowledge about the role of flippases in vesicle mediated transport.

Last but not least, there are great students in our program, and I am very happy that we can explore the beauties of Nashville together. It is a great city, especially for those who like country music.