Vineeth Andisseryparambil Raveendran

Vineeth Andisseryparambil Raveendran

VISRA Intern, McLaughlin Lab


Hi! I am Vineeth from Kerala, India. I have currently finished my 3rd year of BS-MS Dual Degree at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata (IISER-K), India. Though I was interested in pursuing a career in computer science, my fascination with brain and its functions motivated me to do research in neuroscience. Hence I opted to major in Biological Sciences, hoping to achieve interdisciplinary skills to succeed in my research goal. My research interest lies in computational neuroscience, neurodegenerative diseases, and biophysics.


At Vanderbilt, I am working in Mclaughlin lab, involved in a project which studies the role of various phosphorylation sites in Apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 (ASK1) protein, due to its importance in neurodegenerative diseases. The experience and interactions with my mentor and lab mates prove to be helpful in molding the researcher in me. I really feel as if everyone and everything surrounding me has got an encouraging aura.


I am enthusiastic about doing my Ph.D. in the United States, so VISRA indeed took me one step closer to the realization of that dream. Moreover, this program is one of the best I have come across in terms of the opportunities and facilities. The mentoring sessions and GRE classes are all valuable. I really feel privileged to be a part of VISRA and Vanderbilt, and express my gratitude to all those who helped me with its realization. Having known how it feels like to be at Vanderbilt, I seriously do consider it as my option for a Ph.D. and do suggest to anybody who is interested in biomedical research.


Nashville is an amazing place to be, with friendly people and an entanglement of scenic views, culture and history. The Vanderbilt campus makes me feel at home and I really enjoy walking around the campus and streets with my camera whenever I can, thereby taking a whole lot of memories with me back to India.