Xiaohan Wang

Xiaohan Wang

I am now a fourth year student in Neuroscience Graduate Program. Originally from China, I earned my Bachelor’s degree of Physics (Biophysics) from Nanjing University, and joined Vanderbilt bioscience umbrella program IGP in 2011. Under the mentoring of Dr. Roger Colbran, I will focus my interest in the molecular aspects of the important post-synaptic kinase CaMKII, as well as its physiological role in synaptic plasticity and in motor habit formation.

Nashville is really an amazing place to live and study. I am pretty sure that every VISP student has his or her own stories to tell you about the extremely nice and helpful people here and about the great funs we have had, and I do encourage you to come here and experience your own!



Shonesy, B. C., Wang, X., Rose, K. L., Ramikie, T. S., Cavener, V. S., Rentz, T., Baucum A. J., Jalan-Sakrikar, N., Winder, D. G., Patel, S., and Colbran, R. J. CaMKII is a novel diacylglycerol lipase-alpha interacting protein that regulates striatal endocannabinoid signaling. (2013) Nat Neurosci 16(4): 456-463.



Karen and Walter Scott Scholar, Vanderbilt Clinical Neuroscience Scholar Program

American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship beginning in January 2014, which will provide two years of funding.