Zuzana Tatarova

Zuzana Tatarova

Zuzana Tatarova (2011)
Country: Slovakia
VU Mentor: Vito Quaranta

I am Zuzana from Slovakia. Currently I am attending a Master degree in Cellular and Developmental Biology at Charles University in Prague. Last year I finished the study of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry of Organisms with a BSc. degree. In March 2009 I joined the Group of Cell Invasion in Cancer where I am participating mainly with methods of Molecular Biology, Proteomics combining them with Bioinformatical Analysis. However I am also interested in fields such as Biophysical Chemistry, Mathematical modeling or simulations of cell behaviour. Nobody knows what will be the main topic of my research in one or two years but it is definite that I will try to continue in studies and apply for a PhD. position in science research.

For the VISRA program I was invited to join the Laboratory of Dr. Vito Quaranta who is a Director of the Integrative Cancer Biology Center at Vanderbilt University. My summer project involves characterizing the drug response of cell behavior captured by time-lapse videomicroscopy. We use these to analyze the heterogeneity of cell population in order to optimize the clinical therapeutic strategies.

VISRA program has met many of my expectations. It has given me new insight into one of my interests at really high-level that I would not have otherwise been able to get before my PhD. study. This experience confirmed my belief that Science is going to be my future profession. 

Piece of advice: if you are looking for an exhausting but even more exciting time, you are applying for the right program.   

**Zuzana began her PhD studies at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland in Fall 2012