For questions about your status as alumni of the VISP or VISRA Programs, please contact Leslie Reynolds at


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still list VISP or VISRA on my resume or CV?

Yes, of course! Although these programs are not currently active, they are still a part of your previous (or current) experience. 


Can I still request a letter of recommendation from my VISRA mentor or from VISP faculty?

Absolutely. We strongly encourage you to reach out to your mentor and/or VISP faculty (including Kathy Gould, Roger Colbran, and other committee members) for letters of recommendation. 


Can I still apply to Vanderbilt's biomedical research PhD programs as an international student, and does my status as a VISRA alumni matter?

Yes. There will no longer be a separate VISP admissions process for international students, but international students are still welcomed and encouraged to apply to IGP, QCB, and the other biomedical research programs. For more information, please visit the IGP website.

You should also denote yourself in any graduate school applications as a VISRA alum. The program is still well-known and well-respected, even though it is no longer active. VISRA was likely a significant research experience for you, so do not hesitate to include it in your application materials for graduate programs, including Vanderbilt.