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View the program for the 2018 Capstone Event.

Adolescent Medicine Clinic
The THEEADSSS Model: Improving Transitions to Adult Primary Care Providers in an Adolescent Medicine Clinic

The Clinic at Mercury Courts
Quality Improvement Clinical Intake From Revisions

Alive Hospice
Alive Telehospice: Home Hospice at the Touch of a Button

Improving Smoking Cessation Education in Otolaryngology Patients with Tobacco Induced Oropharyngeal Cancer

Stem Cell Transplant and Hematology
Assessment of Patient-reported Social Support, Awareness and Interest in Hematological Cancer Support Groups

Vanderbilt Eskind Adult Diabetes Center
Meeting Diabetes Patient Needs and Increasing Compliance via Follow-up Calls

Drug Dependency Clinic at Vanderbilt Center for Women’s Health
Narcan Education for Patients with Opioid Dependence in Pregnancy

Heart Transplant
Improving Infection Prophylaxis and Compliance in Post-Cardiac Transplantation Patients

Pediatric Complex Care
Improved Dental Access for Pediatric Patients with Complex Medical Needs

Pediatric Neurogenetics & Metabolism
Precision Medicine: Selecting labs for Genetic Testing Based on Patient Characteristics

Vanderbilt Comprehensive Care Clinic
Implementing a Health Coaching Model to Empower Patients Living with HIV

View the program for the 2017 Capstone Event.

Osher Center for Integrative Medicine
Enhancing Clinical Intake Through the Integration of Mulitmedia 

Cardiac Step-Down Unit
Improving Pain Management HCAHPS Scores in Cardiac Surgery Patients

General Pediatrics
Improving Flu Vaccine Confidence and Knowledge

Vanderbilt Digestive Disease Center
Improving the New Patient Experience in an Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic

Palliative Care Outpatient Clinic (VA)
Outpatient Palliative Care Clinic Scheduling 

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology 
A Shared RedCap Database to Manage Follow-up Needs for Off-therapy Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Patients 

Pediatric Gastroenterology
Improving Provider Communication Through Increasing Patient Portal Enrollment 

Geriatrics PACT (VA)
More Streamlined Administration of Necessary Vaccines During a Clinic Visit

Pediatric Surgery 
Parent Health Literacy in a Pediatric Surgery Clinic

View the program for the 2016 event.

Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine
A Report on an Intervention to Improve Asthma Documentation at the Adolescent & Young Adult Clinic

The Clinic at Mercury Courts
Determining Barriers to Specialty Healthcare in the CMC Population

Neighborhood Health – Downtown Clinic
Behavioral Health Vital Signs (BHVS): Optimizing the PHQ-9 and CAGE-AID in Primary Care Practice

Pediatric Neurogenetics & Metabolism
Telephone Outreach Improves Rates of Completed Patient Recommendations in Pediatrics

Vanderbilt Adult Primary Care (Internal Medicine)
Screening Patients for Intermediate-Risk ACS

Vanderbilt Comprehensive Care Clinic
An Improved Understanding of Why Patients Miss Appointments

Vanderbilt Emergency Department
Connections to Care: Improving Emergency Department Referral Rates to Ambulatory Care Clinics

Vanderbilt Eskind Diabetes Center
Enhancing Provider Knowledge about Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) Program to Increase Provider Referral

Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute
Behavior Change & Smoking Cessation: Understanding Readiness to Change

Vanderbilt Medicine-Pediatrics Clinic
Improving Aspirin Usage Rates for Prophylaxis Against Primary Cardiovascular Events in a Primary Care Clinic

View the program for the 2015 event.

Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center (Kassim)
Impact of multimodal level interventions on patients in an adult sickle cell disease clinic

Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center (Neuss)
Improving the check out process of the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Clinic

Vanderbilt Pediatric Primary Care Clinic (Gigante)
Ring Ring … Pick up the phone! Improving appointment compliance: implementation of a 24-hour phone call reminder system

Vanderbilt Pediatric Primary Care Clinic (Moore)
Improving patient education through an eczema action plan

Palliative Care Unit at the Nashville VA Medical Center
Improved nail care: a route to heightened dignity, satisfaction and hygiene among veteran patients

Vanderbilt Dialysis East Clinic
Party on the dialysis unit: flashing lights, robot beeps and alert fatigue

Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at Vanderbilt University Hospital
Improving knowledge and confidence in medication management among post-operative CVICU patients

Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Vanderbilt
Improving patient knowledge of their treatment plan

Watch the video of the 2014 Capstone Event.

As part of the VPIL curriculum, students learn basic quality improvement skills. This year’s capstone project (2012 cohort) highlights the improvement project each team designed for their clinic. Throughout the year, teams assessed needs, presented a proposal and implementation strategy, and identified methods for measuring impact. Special thanks go to our quality improvement coaches Alice C. Bernet, PMHNP-BC, Ph.D., and Samuel Younger, R.N., M.H.A, FACHE.
Event program available here.

The Clinic at Mercury Courts (Wednesday Team)
Improving hemoglobin A1c (HgbA1c) monitoring rates among patients diagnosed with type II diabetes mellitus (DM)

The Clinic at Mercury Courts (Friday Team)
Standardizing needs-based social work in the community cinic workflow

Comprehensive Care Clinic
Improving the medication reconciliation process at the VCCC

Internal Medicine
Motivational interviewing (MI) increases value of learners in the outpatient setting

Palliative Care Unit
An innovative approach to fall risks

Pediatric Diabetes
Improving preventative care in pediatric type I diabetes patients: implementation of urine microalbumin screening  

Pediatric Neurogenetics & Metabolism
Optimizing the utilization of clinic summaries in post-clinic recap meetings with patients

United Neighborhood Health Services – Downtown Clinic
Automated medication refill program: improving community access and medication adherence

Vanderbilt Heart & Vascular Institute
Heart failure self-care assessment

Watch the video of the 2013 Capstone Event.

As part of the VPIL curriculum, students learn basic quality improvement skills. This year’s capstone project (2011 cohort) highlights the improvement project each team designed for their clinic. Throughout the year, teams assessed needs, presented a proposal and implementation strategy, and identified methods for measuring impact.

Special thanks go to our quality improvement coaches: Alice C. Bernet, PMHNP-BC, Ph.D. candidate; Jennifer Green, M.D., M.P.H.; Jacob Hathaway, M.D., M.P.H.; Heather Ridinger, M.D.; and Lisa Marie Wands, Ph.D., R.N.

Event program available here.

Congestive Heart Failure Clinic
Low health-literacy medication intervention

Henry-Joyce Cancer Clinic (Wed)
Measuring palliative care knowledge and perception in a cancer center patient population: a pilot study

Henry-Joyce Cancer Clinic (Fri)
Is it worth the wait? A retrospective study of wait times at the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center
Intelligent care: Students coaching patients to goals

Primary Care Clinic at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt (Wed)
Improving the speech therapy referral process in a pediatric primary care clinic

Primary Care Clinic at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt (Fri)
Improving universal lipid panel screening in children 9-11 years old

Siloam Family Health Center
Promoting self-management to improve outcomes in patients with poorly controlled diabetes: an interprofessional approach

Vanderbilt Center for Integrative Health
The impact of the Vanderbilt Center for Integrative Health on quality of life measures

Vine Hill Community Clinic
Healthcare providers’ perceptions of patient readiness to stop smoking

UNHS Clinic Team (l-r): Anna Garcia, Josh Stewart (Thomas, Miller & Partners),
Chenette Burks, Irène Mathieu, Anya Albers-Stevenson, Sarah Morrow,
Lena Morgan, Alison McDougal

Watch the video of the Design Challenge Presentations.

Read the VUMC Reporter article about the Design Challenge.

As a capstone to their two-year interprofessional education experience, the pilot group of advanced practice nursing, medical, pharmacy and social work students in the Vanderbilt Program in Interprofessional Learning designed new health care delivery processes and spaces that focus on patient needs, interprofessional team-based care and workplace learning. With guidance from architects from local firms (Earl Swensson Associates, Inc.Gould Turner GroupGresham Smith and Partners; and Thomas, Miller & Partners, PLLC), teams collaborated on innovative solutions that consider the following principles:

All workers learn and all learners work. How will your solution support learning and learners in the clinic environment?
Continuous quality improvement to meet the highest level of patient safety is an expectation. How does your solution support quality improvements and what considerations have you included in the design to accommodate future changes in process, people and/or technology?
Interprofessional care delivery. How will your solution support the interprofessional care of patients, and support all staff that work together to care for patients?
Patient as part of the team. How does your solution support the best communication for the best care?

View the program from the event.


Many thanks to the members of our jury:
Donald Brady, M.D., Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Peter I. Buerhaus, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN, Valere Potter Professor of Nursing, Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, and Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Health Workforce Studies
David F. Gregory, Pharm.D., BCPS, FACHE, Director of Pharmacy, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Bonnie Miller, M.D., Senior Associate Dean for Health Sciences Education, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Brad Palmertree, L.B.S.W., Director of Communications, Tennessee Health Care Campaign
Robin Steaban, M.S.N., R.N., Chief Administrative Officer/Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute
J. Cyril Stewart, AIA, Director of Facility Planning, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

We would also like to thank Ann McGauran, NCARB, M.M.H.C.; Katherine Kennon, M.Arch.; and members of the VUMC Process Improvement Office team — Sarah Burfitt, M.S.N., ACNP, MBA; Donna Cella, R.N., B.S.N.; and Adrianna Mansolino, M.P.H.