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Contact Pamela Waynick ( to ask about joining our next VPIL cohort.


  • You’ll have the opportunity to work in clinic from the very beginning of your prespecialty year.
  • You’ll collaborate with other medical professionals in a team setting.
  • You’ll learn how to provide holistic care for patients, families, and communities in complex situations.

How do I become part of VPIL?

  • All prespecialty students can apply.
  • Faculty will review essays and conduct phone interviews to choose ten nursing participants for VPIL.

How will my schedule look different than that of my classmates?

  • In your pre-specialty year, VPIL will count as your community health clinical site. While the timing to complete assignments may look slightly different, the overall workload is similar to the rest of your cohort’s.
  • In your specialty year, your specialty director will help you determine how many VPIL hours can count toward your clinical hours.