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Juliana Quay

Graduate Student, Chemical and Physical Biology

Dr. Roger Colbran (Thesis)
Dr. Sarika Peters (Clinical)

I am a graduate student in the Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics track of the Chemical and Physical Biology Program here at Vanderbilt, and my research interests lie at the intersection of biochemistry and neuroscience. I obtained my B.S. in chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry from Winthrop University in 2020. While there, I worked in Dr. Jason Hurlbert’s structural biology lab for all four years, studying a novel calcium-binding protein. During the summer of 2019, I worked at MIT in Dr. Guoping Feng’s lab, mapping brainwide circuits for two thalamic nuclei in a mouse model. I currently work in Dr. Roger Colbran’s lab, where I am studying the ubiquitously expressed signaling protein, CaMKII, and its role in neuropsychiatric disease.