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Christopher White

Summer Research Description: Bradykinin is a peptide that causes vasodilatation, inhibits platelet aggregation, and is released by kinin-kallikrein system. Few studies, however have evaluated the effect of bradykinin and inflammation in humans. Bradykinin may play a pathogenic role in excessive inflammation, which occurs in such diseases as atherosclerosis and chronic kidney disease. Indeed excessive inflammation could lead to cardio vascular problems in patients undergoing hemodialysis. In this study we will test the hypothesis that bradykinin increases expression of pro inflammatory markers in humans. We have obtained peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from blood samples before and after one hour of 100 ng/kg min bradykinin infusion.  RNA will be isolated from PBMCs using a commercial kit. The RNA will be reversed transcribed into cDNA. Using PCR, mRNA abundance of inflammatory markers, such as IL 6 and IL 12, will be evaluated before and after the bradykinin infusion. By using this method we will determine if bradykinin increases inflammation in PBMCs in humans. This study may show a potential link between bradykinin and increased cardiovascular problems in patients undergoing hemodialysis.