Fong Cheng Pan, Ph.D.

Fong Cheng Pan, Ph.D

Postdoctoral Fellow, Cell & Developmental Biology

VUMC/Stem Cell & Developmental Biology
9465 MRB IV
Nashville 37232-0494
(615) 343-8258 (lab)

My overarching goals are to dissect the relevant genetic regulatory networks, and their interplay with spatiotemporally dynamic intercellular signaling processes, in regulating the processes of pancreas specification, lineage diversification as it interacts with the morphogenetic processes of building the organ, and particularly the ß-cell differentiation program. The knowledge obtained from these studies will improve our understanding of the transcriptional regulatory hierarchies that direct the formation of ß-cells, thus, could be applied to in vitro directed differentiation of human embryonic stem cells to mature ß-cells for transplantation into type I diabetes patients.