Brain Blast!

Our annual public event brings together kids and neuroscientists as they discover answers to some of the most curious questions out there.

Brain Blast!

In honor of Brain Awareness Month, every March VBI neuroscientists gather at the Nashville Public Library’s main downtown branch to join in on the worldwide celebration of the brain that brings together scientists, families, schools, and communities.

We aim to have fun and inspire future scientists young and old!

When you spend a Saturday hanging out with neuroscientists, you’ll learn to build a neuron, touch a real brain, and meet some creepy crawly lab critters. Ask a neuroscientist anything you or your kids are curious about, and explore the videos below to learn more about how your brain works.

Videos for Kids

Egg Heads: How Cerebrospinal Fluid Protects the Brain

Make Your Own Candy Neuron!

Test Your Cranial Nerves!

How is Memory Measured?

STEMinists: Girl Power in Science!


Speedy Signaling in the Brain

What Is It Like to Get an MRI?

How Taste Can be Changed by Other Senses

The Clocks Inside Our Body That Control Our Behavior

Optogenetics: Using Lasers to Turn On The Brain

How Memory is Measured