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DORS pricing will initially be equal to or less expensive than other available solutions (BlueArc, Isilon, ACCRE). The system as it stands today was funded entirely with S10 funds and also benefits significantly from sponsorship by OOR and VUIT who are providing funds for other DORS infrastructure and technical labor. The ongoing cost for operating DORS consists mainly of fixed annual hardware support contracts. Therefore, as usage of the system increases, the price per terabyte (TB) of data will decrease significantly.  We believe it is realistic to expect that DORS can provide data service for close to $200 per terabyte per year, once we are able to achieve a total subscription of 500-600 TB.  As more departments, centers, cores and labs subscribe to DORS, this brings down costs for everybody.  We are happy to offer free subscriptions of ~2 TB for testing purposes.​